Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Former Pakistani Ambassador Hussain Haqqani also entered the fray on Imran Khan’s allegations.

Washington (Monitoring Desk) Former Pakistani Ambassador Hussain Haqqani has announced to file a defamation case against Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan. According to Daily Pakistan Global, Hussain Haqqani says that he has contacted lawyers to file legal proceedings against Imran Khan.

According to the report, Hussain Haqqani was accused by Imran Khan last week of lobbying against Imran Khan in America at the behest of former Army Chief General Bajwa. They kept convincing Americans that Imran Khan is anti-American.

It was also alleged by Imran Khan that Hussain Haqqani was also working to create a good image of the former army chief in America. He had said in an interview that Hussain Haqqani, who is also the main protagonist of the ‘Memogate’ scandal that came to light in 2012, was hired by the then Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa in September 2021 to act in his favor in the US and for me. Lobby against.

In response to these accusations, Hussain Haqqani has said through his Twitter account that “It is sad that Imran Khan is constantly linking my name to such matters, which I have nothing to do with.” It is surprising that they are accusing a person who has no post for the last 11 years, no political party, no army or intelligence service.

On Hussain Haqqani’s tweet, a person named Rafi Raza wrote that “Mir Akhial Hai Imran Khan is giving you an opportunity to get some hard work from him through good lawyers in Pakistan.” Obviously, so many statements are on record. A judge will be honest to decide on damages. Hussain Haqqani replied to Raza Rafi and said, “Yes! The lawyers have been asked to initiate the proceedings.”

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