Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

The European Union has offered to provide Beijing with a free Covid-19 vaccine amid reports of a massive outbreak of the coronavirus in China.

EU offers free covid vaccine to China
EU offers free covid vaccine to China


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According to the news agency Reuters, officials of the European Union Commission, on the condition of not revealing their identity, said that this initiative of the Commission’s Health Commissioner Stella Kyria-Kides came after Beijing ended the ‘Zero Covid Policy’ of Covid infections. It is part of the effort to control the new wave.

The report states that “Commissioner Kyria-Kids spoke to his Chinese counterpart and offered solidarity with him. He offered the services of public health experts and the donation of EU-approved vaccines.” But also offered to provide.”

In the context of the increase in corona cases in China, the medical authorities of the European Union are also going to hold an important meeting. On the other hand, many countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, have made corona testing mandatory for passengers coming from China.

In the last 24 hours, three more deaths have been reported in China due to the corona virus, while the total number of deaths has so far reached 5253. Beijing has not yet responded to the EU’s offer.

Emphasis on adopting a coherent policy of the European Union

In the context of the new wave of Covid-19 in China, some EU countries have announced some measures on their own, but they are going to hold a meeting on Wednesday to adopt a coordinated policy.

Belgium said it was testing sewage from planes arriving from China to detect any potentially dangerous variants of the coronavirus. He has appealed to the passengers coming from China to get tested for Covid if they feel any unwellness.

Belgian Health Minister Franck van den Broeck said that effective measures are possible only through a coordinated approach to control the new wave of Covid from China. “If all EU countries get together and say if you’re coming to Europe you have to be checked first, that would be a good signal to China,” he said.

Sweden, the current president of the European Union, said that the member states of the Union are going to hold a meeting on Wednesday in which the necessary measures will be considered. EU member states France, Spain and Italy have announced their own measures regarding travelers from China.

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