Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Italian carmaker Bertoni has unveiled plans for a new ‘hypercar’ that will run on fuel made from plastic waste.

According to global media reports, the Bertoni GB110 will be powered by ‘Select Fuel’, a patented method of converting polycarbonate materials such as plastic bottles into liquid fuel, currently by Bertoni. There is no word on the pricing of the car, but the company says that the car will be a masterpiece.

The idea of ​​a limited edition of 33 cars was introduced to mark the 110th anniversary of Bertoni, but these cars will not be available to buyers before 2024.
The design of the car has been presented in the concept images of the car released by the company.

According to project and design manager Giovanni Espio, the GB110 is a continuation of Bertoni’s automotive tradition and a contemporary interpretation of the Bertoni DNA. The company, which went bankrupt in 2014, acquired the rights to the brand in early 2022 by two brothers, Mauro and Jean-Frank Ricci, who are now trying to rebuild the company, starting with the GB110.

He claimed it would be the first high-performance car to run on fuel made from plastic waste.

Jean-Frank Ritchie, CEO of Bertoni, said that he believes that decontamination of the environment will require a different solution than technology sharing.

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