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Dry hair is a problem that most people face during cold weather.

Dry hair can have many causes like some kind of allergic reaction, age, weather, stress, certain diseases and others.

Improper hair cleaning is not a factor that increases dryness, but not washing hair often can make the dryness more noticeable.

By the way, the use of shampoo is common to solve this problem, but it can be controlled with a few common things in the house.

You can find some such home remedies below.

Coconut oil
Massage the scalp with 3 to 5 teaspoons of coconut oil and then wash your hair with shampoo after waiting for an hour.

Aloe vera
After applying a small amount of aloe vera gel on the scalp, wash the hair with shampoo.

Apple cider vinegar
Mix a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with the same amount of water.

Pour this mixture on the head and then wait for at least 15 minutes and then wash the hair thoroughly.

Grind 2 tablets of aspirin and mix in shampoo and apply shampoo on hair, wait for 2 minutes and then wash.

Baking Soda
Wet the hair and then after applying some amount of baking soda on the head, wait for few minutes and then wash the head.

Lemon extract
Massage the scalp with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and then wash off after waiting for a few minutes.

After washing your head, mix a teaspoon of lemon juice in a cup of water and apply it on your head.

Olive Oil
Massage a few drops of olive oil on your scalp at night before going to bed and then sleep with a cap on your head, wake up in the morning and wash your hair with shampoo.

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