Tue. May 30th, 2023

Experts at the University of Waterloo have built a wall-to-wall viewing system that uses Wi-Fi and costs only $20 in additional hardware.

It has been named as YPEAP (Y-Taka Tableau) developed by Jamia scientist Ali Abdi’s team. The drone, called WiPep, gets close to buildings and can instantly identify other Wi-Fi-enabled devices by using the residents’ Wi-Fi networks.

WiPeep can actually identify Wi-Fi network flaws and vulnerabilities which they named WiPolite. Even if the Wi-Fi system inside the building is password protected, the flying device can still connect to it. For this, Wi-Peep sends several messages to the device and notes its reaction every time, thereby identifying the Wi-Fi device installed inside a house or building with an accuracy of one meter.

Dr. Ali has described it as an important effort. ‘We think of Wi-Fi as light and the walls as transparent glass because it allows us to count the movements of security guards inside banks and where the general public is sitting, as well as all the phones, smartwatches and other Wi-Fi devices running inside. .’

A clever criminal can also locate security cameras, laptops and smart TVs inside a home. In this way, the weak points of penetration inside the boundary wall can also be detected which can be seen from the outside.

The most important aspect of this invention is that it has been developed by installing some additional equipment on a normal drone that costs not more than 20 dollars. However, it allows organizations to improve their security vulnerabilities.

VPN has also been successfully tested and can do exactly what it was designed to do. However, Dr. Ali Abidi wants institutions and companies to somehow improve their security with this invention.

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