Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

After the cold weather there are many changes in life which seem quite good compared to summer, but during the cold weather many people also face a strange problem.

The fingers of these people become cold and stiff due to the cold, which weakens the grip, but what is the reason for this?

Well, the muscles that control the fingers are in the elbow, but the fingers also have touch receptors whose functions are affected in cold weather.

That is, our brain sends correct signals to the muscles, but the nerve functions are affected by the cold. As a result, finger movements and grip feel weak or awkward.

There is also a hidden reason behind cold hands and feet all the time in winter and that is decreased blood flow.

Our body restricts blood flow to the hands or feet to keep vital organs warm during cold weather.

This results in a feeling of cold hands and feet all the time, which also weakens the grip.

For this reason, the risk of frostbite in hands and feet is also high in very cold weather.

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