Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Armed men attack prison in Mexico, 14 people killed, 24 prisoners escape

Mexico City (Daily Pakistan Online) Gunmen attacked a prison in the city of Ciudad Juarez in northern Mexico, killing 14 people while 24 inmates escaped. According to news agency AFP, the Chihuahua state prosecutor’s office said that unknown gunmen in armored vehicles attacked the prison on Sunday. Among those killed were 10 prison guards and security agents.

The attack was carried out before sunrise, with security forces bringing the situation under control five hours later. After the attack on this prison near the US border, riots broke out among the prisoners. Moments before the attack, gunmen opened fire on municipal police along a nearby boulevard. The assailants in the Hummer then opened fire on another group of security agents outside the prison.

The attack was carried out at a time when relatives of several prisoners were outside the compound awaiting the arrival of the New Year. Local media reported that some inmates set fire to various items inside the prison and also clashed with prison guards. Prosecutors said 13 people were injured in the violence at the prison, where inmates from various criminal gangs and drug cartels are kept in separate cell blocks. Four people have been detained in the attack.

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