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A member of the team that captured Saddam Hussein has given details to the world for the first time

New York (Monitoring Desk) On December 13, 2003, a member of the American army who captured Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has told the world for the first time all the details. According to Mail Online, US soldier Kevin Holland, who detailed the incident in a podcast, is a member of the team that tackled and subdued Saddam Hussein.

Speaking on the podcast, Kevin Holland explains that “Saddam Hussein immediately after his capture said he was ready to negotiate with the United States.” They had weapons. He looked very weak and emaciated. I pulled them out of the hole and disarmed them by dropping them on the ground.”

“After disarming Saddam Hussein, I told him that President Bush sent his best wishes,” Kevin Holland says. Saddam Hussein was holed up on a farm near the remote town of Aldur. There was only one road leading to the town, and Saddam Hussein’s loyalists were stationed everywhere to inform him of the comings and goings.

Kevin Holland said, “Saddam Hussein must have been informed of our arrival, after which he hid in a six-foot hole. We first tried to get him out of the hole with a dog, but the dog stayed inside the hole. Afraid to go. So we pulled the dog back. Immediately after this, a voice was heard from inside the hole, speaking in Arabic, and the interpreter with us began to speak with him.

“Slowly the sound got closer to the hole and then Saddam Hussein’s hands came out first from the narrow hole, which we grabbed and pulled him out,” Kevin said. He had a handgun. Seeing this, one of our comrades punched him in the face and knocked him down and took away the gun. He had a fully automatic Glock 15, given to President George W. Bush by the US Army, which he still has.”

The former American soldier says that “Saddam Hussein, upon being captured, said that I am the president of Iraq and I am ready for negotiations.” Our impression on him was something like that brother! Now time has passed.” Kevin said that after passing through this narrow hole, there was an open space below and several hidden boxes were made. I went down inside this tunnel and cleared the secret boxes below. We were worried that there might be an accomplice of Saddam Hussein down there, but that was not the case. He was alone in this secret underground hideout, the passage of which was so narrow that one of our soldiers could not get in, which I had to descend.

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