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As soon as winter comes, the problem of colds becomes stronger in every house, especially in the houses where there are children.

Consumption of cold water in this season causes sore throat or inflammation and cold, but runny nose is not the big problem but the most painful factor is sore throat which makes it difficult to swallow food while turning the bed. It forces

Experts recommend using apple cider vinegar to relieve a sore throat.

Apart from this, this problem can also be solved with a few home remedies.

Salt water bubbles
This is a tried and tested recipe that has been used in every home for centuries.

According to experts, gargling with lukewarm salt water can easily eliminate the toxic bacteria in the throat.

Use of hot water
Old time experts have always advised to use hot water in all throat diseases because cold water is bad for health and hot water also improves our digestive system where excess fat in the body does not get a chance to freeze. It also reduces sore throat.

Use of honey
Consumption of honey is very healthy, pure honey cures every disease. It can cure sore throat or any type of throat disorder if honey is used 2 or 3 times a day.

Adding honey or ginger to a cup of hot water and drinking it well can cure many throat diseases.

Apart from this, gargling with the juice of half a lemon in a cup of warm water can help in controlling sore throat and sore throat in a short period of time.

Apple cider vinegar and honey
Apple cider vinegar has a high level of acidity which helps in killing bacteria, this vinegar mixed with honey can reduce sore throat.

Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon of honey in a cup of warm water, and then drink it.

Take steam
Steam also helps to reduce sore throat.

For this, take a big bowl, fill it halfway with hot water, then take a towel and wrap it over your head and place your head on top of the bowl to make a tent. Just breathe in the steam from the water.

Use of cloves
Cloves have been used for centuries, but they are commonly used in Chinese medicine, which also reduces toothache, but is also beneficial for sore throat.

The ingredients present in it are naturally pain-relieving while this spice is also antiseptic which soothes the sore throat.

For this purpose take one or 2 cloves and put it in your mouth and start sucking it, when it becomes soft, chew it and swallow it.

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