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Fitness and health have many benefits, and neglecting health can often affect physical and mental health. Enjoying a happy, active, and healthy life after age 60 is as much about longevity as health. It is as old as it is. Although many factors are beyond control, lifestyle changes and habits can positively affect health at any age, but adopting certain habits especially for seniors is considered essential for their health.

In its report, quoted Daniel Lieberman, professor of human developmental biology at Harvard University, as saying that in the past, once you got very sick, you were likely to die, but with today’s treatment, we patients can survive. Can live for decades. In the United States, the average life expectancy in the United States is 77 years, while the average healthy life expectancy is 63 years. We need to stop focusing so much on age and focus more on healthy life expectancy, he said.

“About 18 percent of people ages 65 to 74 have at least one disability, while about 25 percent of people age 75 or older have some kind of disability,” says Professor Linda Schneider. “Focusing on healthy habits and eliminating unhealthy ones is essential to enjoying years of good health, free from chronic diseases and the hurdles of aging.”

It may sound logical but maintaining a healthy balanced diet with moderate and regular exercise and not smoking is a sure way to promote longevity and reduce the onset of most diseases, says Professor Tim Peterson.


Slipping into a sedentary lifestyle as we age is terrible for human health, with some experts even saying that constant sitting is as dangerous to health as smoking. Not getting enough exercise is linked to premature aging at the cellular level.

Weight gain

Interest in maintaining a healthy weight may return decisively after age 60. Dietitian Diana Lakelsey says the kilograms can pile on with age and lead to weight gain or even obesity. So eating more protein and committing to exercise are key factors in supporting muscle health at any age.

An unhealthy diet

Regardless of a person’s age, a healthy, nutritious diet can extend their life. Research shows that the Mediterranean diet can help reduce the rate of heart disease and prolong life.

Acceptance of decline in mental function

Many people over the age of 60 are either retired or in retirement. While this can offer many benefits (such as the opportunity to spend more time with friends and loved ones) it is important not to let mental health deteriorate during this period. Studies show that retirement can make the brain “less active.” A British study of 3,400 civil servants found that their short-term memory declined rapidly by 40 percent after retirement.

Isolation from friends and family

Maintaining healthy relationships with friends and family is important to health and happiness as you age. Scientific studies confirm that many people instinctively know that being part of a community is vital to mental and physical health. Positive relationships can be just as important to our health and well-being as nutrition and physical activity, says psychologist Bonnie Bates. Although relationships with others can develop over time, maintaining a strong social network as we age can contribute to a longer and healthier life.


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