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Does Pakistan have a leader who is above the political, regional, class and religious prejudices and takes 100% of the country’s workforce with him and thinks of the development of 100% of the country’s population?

When and how will Pakistan, the country of youth, get out of 'critical situations'?
When and how will Pakistan, the country of youth, get out of ‘critical situations’?


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Pakistanis who have now reached the limits of old age have been hearing this since their birth that the country is passing through a critical period. The strange thing is that Pakistan, one of the largest countries in the world in terms of population, has this ‘critical period’ that never ends.

From the dire economic and financial conditions facing Pakistan to unemployment, gender inequality and the explosive pace of population growth in the South Asian country, none of the problems have been permanently resolved to date because the country The rulers have always based their politics and priorities only on ‘continuity from one day to the next’.

How many rulers have thought that the population of this country at the time of independence has reached now? However, in the first half of its so far existence as an independent and independent state, this country was left in half. For more than half a century, the current Pakistan, while thinking about the former East Pakistan and the current Bangladesh, has never asked itself the question that how Bangladesh is constantly moving forward and why Pakistan is constantly falling behind?

The answer to many such questions is probably that Pakistani policy makers have either not sincerely formulated any long-term policies for the country’s development, and even if they were ever formulated, they were not implemented. This behavior was always attributed to ‘inevitable circumstances’.

Among the more than twenty-two million citizens of Pakistan, there are many who are proud of their country as the ‘Fortress of Islam’. They should do so. But should a non-Pakistani wonder why Pakistan, the only Muslim-majority country in the world with nuclear power, has been in constant danger of defaulting on its debt payments for the past several years? This risk is another name for potential state bankruptcy.

The exchange rate of the currency and its continuous decline in value is seen, the Pakistani rupee is considered one of the weakest and most unstable currencies in the world. Apart from the Euro, Pound and Dollar, in the past, the Pakistani Rupee has been very strong against the rival Indian Rupee. Now, one Indian rupee is equal to three Pakistani rupees on an average. Why?

The entire tenure of Pakistan’s previous governments was spent trying to get the next tranche of loans from the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund to manage dwindling foreign exchange reserves and make payments on its liabilities possible. will

According to the census of 2017, the proportion of males is 51% and the proportion of females is 49% in the population of about 220 million in Pakistan. Pakistan is also one of the few countries in the world where the proportion of citizens under the age of thirty is the highest in the country’s population. It is also a matter of concern that the higher the number of youth in the population of Pakistan, the higher the unemployment among them.

However, these social attitudes fulfill that a woman should live in a chador and four walls. Women should not work. It is also a pity that the problems faced by 100% of Pakistan’s population at the public and government level are thought to be solved by relying on only 51% of the population i.e. men. No one logically talks that if the whole country i.e. 100% of the population is facing problems, then why 100% of the population should not contribute to their solution.

It is not that Pakistani women are not striving for the country’s development by fulfilling their individual, social and economic responsibilities. From rural women to urban women, they all do their best. But they do not have the regular place in the country’s economy and national employment market that men have.

Recognizing the undeniable impact of women’s role in the Pakistani economy at the government and national level, why are women not given the same opportunity to become economically productive workers as men? Pakistan is still largely an agricultural economy. A large part of the population is still illiterate and millions of children are still deprived of education.

Among urban girls who study in colleges and universities, the goal of many girls’ parents is to find good relationships for them. If an educated girl starts a job, she is often released after marriage. Or after the birth of more and more children, the same well-educated and highly educated Pakistani woman becomes a housewife. If an educated woman in Pakistan becomes a mother, why is it generally assumed that she has left the country’s job market as well?

Every few weeks, Pakistani rulers visit a few selected friendly countries and ask them for aid, loans or borrowed foreign exchange worth billions of dollars each time. All these can save the life of the country. All this will obviously not happen in the blink of an eye. Even if the journey is very long, one should take the first step.

If Pakistan starts to fully utilize its human resources in the form of women while providing adequate employment to its workforce, then this single Muslim-majority nuclear power will not face any risk of bankruptcy in the future. will The unemployment genie will also be completely bottled up. In this way, along with the country’s economy, the national currency will also be strengthened and in a few years, the overall economic output of the country can be doubled.

In the last several decades, only the faces of the military and civilian rulers kept changing and no such leader emerged. That is why the ‘critical period’ faced by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is not over yet.

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