Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

The order came to demolish the “Wall of Shame”.

Lima (Monitoring Desk) In Lima, the capital of South America, Peru, the wall built between the rich and the poor was ordered to be demolished. The local people and the international media called this wall the ‘Wall of Shame’. Named. According to the private TV channel 24 News, the order was given by a constitutional court of Peru, which called for the demolition of the 10 km long and 6.5 feet high wall.

On one side of this wall are the settlements of the poor while on the other side is the posh area of ​​the rich. Barbed wire has also been installed on top of the wall so that no one from the poor area can cross the wall to enter the rich area.

The initial part of this wall was built in the 1980s under the guise of protecting Lima’s posh colony ‘La Molina’ from the Shining Path guerrilla group. This group was considered a terrorist group in Peru. After the defeat and elimination of this group, instead of tearing down the wall, it was expanded and this time it was justified to occupy the lands.

In 2018, a case was filed against this wall by a person in an individual capacity, on which the court has given a 180-day grace period and said that the wall should be demolished during this period, which per In fact, it is designed to prevent the capital’s poor from moving to richer areas and is causing embarrassment to the country globally.

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