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According to the analysts, leaving the interim government of technocrats has sent a message to Imran to refrain from destabilizing the system. Is it a way to gauge public reaction to the next course of action?

Interim government of technocrats in Pakistan, who left Shusha and why?
Interim government of technocrats in Pakistan, who left Shusha and why?


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A possible interim government of technocrats to be established in Pakistan for a long period of time is being debated. Although serious analysts are calling this proposal unconstitutional and unworkable, some quarters say that the growing uproar over the issue shows that there must be something dark in the pulse of politics.

Prominent Pakistani analyst Imtiaz Alam says that the establishment of a long-term interim government in the presence of an elected government would be an unconstitutional measure and no court would be able to defend it. According to him, there is no possibility even for the Pakistani establishment to support such a move without political consensus. “It may just be a ploy to put pressure on the bickering politicians to come to a solution through dialogue. Otherwise, other options can also be considered.”

Imtiaz Alam is sure that no one including the political parties and the people will accept such an interim government. The IMF will also not negotiate with such a government. According to him, this proposal can be implemented only through martial law and there is no possibility of martial law in the country at this time.

According to Imtiaz Alam, who is uniting the MQM? Who did not allow the Punjab Assembly to dissolve? Why Imran Khan could not register the FIR of the attack on him. Why are PTI’s resignations not being accepted? These are all silent messages that instead of derailing the system, the country’s problems should be solved by staying within the system. For those who understand these messages, the proposal of a government of technocrats should not come as a surprise.” According to Imtiaz Alam, only general elections will be held now and if the politicians cannot agree on these elections, then the next elections will also become controversial and the new prime minister will not be able to solve the economic problems.

Renowned analyst Naseem Zahra told DW that there is no truth in the government’s proposal of technocrats. It is not possible to interfere in the politics like in the past by the establishment of Pakistan. The real question is why we do not see political commitment from political parties and political leaders to solve the problems. The establishment also becomes active, then meetings are held with Shabar Zaidi and Hafeez Pasha and the matter goes from somewhere to somewhere. But it does not mean what is being given the impression in the media”.

In the opinion of Naseem Zahra, if the politicians do not show their senses, then even after the new elections, the political instability will not be able to be eliminated.

Defense analyst Brigadier (retd) Farooq Hameed Khan while talking to DW said that the idea of ​​technocrat government is very old in the history of Pakistan. Voices have been heard.

Farooq Hameed says that he feels that the PDM government is leaving the shadow of a caretaker government to cover up its failures and blame its difficult decisions on the caretaker government. Remember PTI leader Asad Qaiser has said that a government figure has offered him to join the interim government. Economists Shabbar Zaidi and Imran Khan have also hinted at a government of technocrats. Farooq Hameed says that if Parliament passes legislation to allow such a government, it will be considered a NR2-like legislation.

According to Farooq Hameed, the government of technocrats cannot solve the country’s problems and immediate general elections are necessary to end the country’s crisis. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has announced its rejection of the government of technocrats as a conspiracy to block their way to success.

Farooq Hameed says that the names of the people who are coming up for the technocrats are the same tried and tested personalities who have been part of such setups in the past as well. According to him, if an interim set-up is to be brought, it should include personalities of good reputation who are capable of taking the country out of the current crisis.

Senior journalist Nusrat Javed, in a recent column written on this subject, mentioned the weak public protest against the cancellation of local government elections in Islamabad and wrote that our people still consider themselves ‘subjects’. Who is not willing to resist the ‘sultani mood’. In such a world, I do not have the courage to reject the long-standing technocratic arrangement.

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