Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Only 20 feet distance was left between American and Chinese warplanes. Very dangerous…

Beijing (Monitoring Desk) American and Chinese warplanes came face to face over the South China Sea. According to Mail Online, the incident happened last week when a Chinese J-11 fighter jet spotted the American plane flying over the South China Sea and flew very close to the American plane, giving a warning.

A video of the incident has come to the fore in which it can be seen that the Chinese plane is flying just 20 feet away from the American plane, the two planes fly in parallel for some distance, and then the American plane changes course and lands in the sea. It goes beyond the boundaries of South China, which China claims as its own.

The US military spokesman has said that the Chinese J-11 aircraft came against the US Air Force aircraft RC-135. The Chinese plane was only 10 feet away from the American plane, while its nose was only 20 feet away. The American plane had to maneuver to avoid the collision. We have taken up this matter with the Chinese government.

It should be noted that China claims its ownership over the South China Sea, while many other countries, including Taiwan, claim their ownership over it. The United States supports Taiwan and other countries in this matter. In August of this year, the Speaker of the American Parliament, Nancy Pelosi, also visited Taiwan, which was strongly resented by China.

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