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Ukraine’s foreign minister has said that his government wants UN-mediated peace talks in late February. The Ukrainian President has asked the Indian Prime Minister for India’s help in implementing the peace formula.

Ukraine's Conditional Offer to Russia for Peace Talks
Ukraine’s Conditional Offer to Russia for Peace Talks


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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Koliba said on Monday that his government was considering a peace summit in late February. The peace talks, one year since Russia launched its war on Ukraine, are expected to be mediated by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

When Koliba was asked if he would invite Russia for this summit, he said that Russia must first face war crimes in the International Court of Justice for these peace talks. “Only then will they be invited to attend.”

“The United Nations could be the best place for this summit because it’s not about favoring a particular country. It’s about bringing everybody to the table,” Koliba said.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister made this conditional offer of peace after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement in which he expressed his willingness to negotiate.

In response to a question about Guterres’ role, the Ukrainian foreign minister said, “He has proven himself to be an effective mediator, a competent negotiator, and most importantly, he is a principled and honest person.” So we would welcome their active participation.”

Dmytro Koliba added that Ukraine will do whatever it can to end the war in 2023. He added that diplomacy always plays an important role. “Every war ends with diplomacy. Every battle ends with actions taken on the battlefield and actions taken at the negotiating table.”

Responding to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister’s statement, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made it clear that in order to move forward, Ukraine must demilitarize its territories, eliminate the Nazis, and remove threats to Russia’s security from its soil. must be eliminated. Sergei Lavrov added, “The enemy is already aware of our proposals.”

Russia has made it clear that the territories to be demilitarized and de-Nazid include the four territories that Russia has annexed. Moscow says that otherwise the Russian military will deal with the problem on its own.

Ukrainian President talks with Indian Prime Minister

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi spoke to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the phone on Monday and sought India’s help in implementing the “peace formula” in Ukraine.

These talks have taken place at a time when India is strengthening its trade relations with Moscow, on the other hand Western countries have announced new measures against Russia. Zielinski reported his conversation with Modi on Twitter, saying, “I spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the phone and expressed my best wishes for a successful presidency of the G20. On the same platform, I announced the peace formula.” Then and now I count on India’s participation in its implementation.”

Zelenskiy last month appealed to the G20 countries to recognize the 10-point peace formula of Ukraine and end the war. Zelinsky said that during the conversation, Prime Minister Modi reiterated his appeal for an immediate end to the war in Ukraine and assured India’s support for any peace efforts.

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