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In the German city of Hannover, the body of a Muslim was cremated instead of buried after two bodies were mistakenly identified. police has started the investigation.

Bodies swapped: Turkish Muslim's body mistakenly set on fire in Germany
Bodies swapped: Turkish Muslim’s body mistakenly set on fire in Germany


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According to reports received from Hanover, the capital of the North German province of Lower Saxony, the administration of the Medical University of Hanover (MHH) has expressed deep regret for this inadvertent mistake.

An apology statement issued by the MHH said, “Hannover Medical University deeply regrets the incident that occurred as a result of the accidental identification of two bodies and the families and relatives of the Muslim concerned.” Expresses deep sympathy with.

Ashes instead of the dead body for burial

According to the German news agency DPA, the body of the Muslim who was accidentally set on fire last Friday was a 71-year-old man and a Turkish citizen. According to the newspaper ‘Hanoversche Algemeine Siting’, the dead body of this Muslim man, who was burned as the body of another person, was an 81-year-old man from the area of ​​Hanover.

Staff at Hannover Medical University realized their mistake when the family of a Turkish citizen who died was preparing for his burial and handed over his ashes in an ashtray instead of the deceased’s body. went

After the mistake was discovered, the relatives of the deceased Turkish citizen immediately informed the police, who are investigating. “We are in contact with family members of both victims, but this incident is not being investigated as a criminal incident because it was a misunderstanding, in which no one has yet been charged,” according to a Hanover police spokesman. No trace of deliberate criminal action was found either.

Condemnation by Provincial Organization of Muslims

In the German province of Lower Saxony, an organization of Muslims ‘Shura Lower Saxony’ has expressed deep sorrow and displeasure over this sad incident. The organization has demanded that under whatever circumstances the identity of the bodies of a Muslim and a Christian resident were changed at the Hannover Medical University, the management of the university hospital should be thoroughly investigated for any such possibility in the future. A repeat of the incident should be prevented.

The head of the Shura Lower Saxony, Rajab Bilgin, said in a statement that the death of the Turkish citizen concerned caused a double irreparable loss for his family. According to Rajab Bilgin, on the one hand, the members of this family were already in severe shock over the death of their member, and on the other hand, the dead body of this Muslim was also burnt, which is completely contrary to Islamic religious orders and the death of Muslims. It is the exact opposite of the legitimate procedure of cremation.

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