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The Russian President said that escalation of hostilities always causes losses and all armed conflicts are resolved only through diplomacy and negotiations.

Russia wants Ukraine war to end soon, Vladimir Putin
Russia wants Ukraine war to end soon, Vladimir Putin


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Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters in Moscow that “our goal is to end this conflict. We are striving for it and will continue to strive to ensure its end and as soon as possible.” The more the better.”

He added that Kiev and Washington have turned a blind eye to ending the war and accused the US of using Ukraine as a battleground to weaken Russia.

Putin stressed that Russia wants to end the war as soon as possible. “Our goal is to end this conflict and we are working towards that and we want to make sure that the sooner this war ends the better,” he said. Speaking to reporters, Putin said that he has repeatedly said that escalation of hostilities always leads to losses and that all armed conflicts are resolved only through diplomacy and negotiations.

The sooner the adversaries understand, the better, Putin

Putin added that sooner or later the parties to the conflict have to sit down and settle things by understanding. And “(in Kiev) the sooner our adversaries realize that, the better.” Other officials in Moscow have also repeatedly said in recent months that they have never ruled out talks with Ukraine.

They blame Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi for shutting down diplomacy. Zelensky said that as long as Putin is in power, there can be no dialogue with Russia.

Zelinsky returns from visit to Washington

Ukrainian President Zelensky has returned to Kyiv from his historic visit to Washington. Addressing the US Congress in Washington, he said that his country is standing firm against Russian aggression and is determined to never surrender. He also thanked the Biden administration and the American people for their support and assistance to Ukraine and described Kiev’s support as an investment in global security.

Zielinski received a hero’s welcome when he arrived in Washington on Wednesday. The Biden administration pledged $1.8 billion in military equipment to Ukraine, including the Patriot missile defense system.

Putin warned that this could fuel the Ukraine conflict. “Those who are fighting us say that these weapons are for defensive use…but there will always be a loophole,” he said. The Russian president said, “Those who are doing this are actually interfering. This will only prolong the conflict.”

He added that America’s Patriot defense system is quite old. And “we will find a way to compete with the Patriot defense system that Ukraine is getting.”

Kiev accused of continuous bombing of urban areas

Earlier, the Kremlin said that Biden and Zelensky were not listening to “Russia’s concerns”. “There has not been a word of warning from Zelensky against the constant shelling of residential buildings in the towns and villages of Donbas, nor has there been any real call for peace,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Is.”

“This shows that the US is using Ukraine as a tool to wage an indirect war with Russia,” he added.

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