Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

On not getting a girl for marriage in India, the brides protested that the official…

New Delhi (Web Desk) An amazing incident happened in India where 50 virgins protested for not getting girls for marriage.

According to Indian media reports, 50 unmarried men dressed up like bridegrooms in Solapur, Maharashtra state, dressed up like bridegrooms and reached the Collector’s office with band bajas to protest. Seen in viral videos on social media. It is known that the unmarried men paraded outside the collector’s office in the form of a procession on horses with band bajas decorated on their heads and protested against marriage.

According to Indian media reports, the protestors demanded that girls should be found for them so that they too could eat the wedding laddoos.

The protestors claim that the real reason for not getting girls for marriage is the difference in the ratio of men and women in the state. Talking to the Indian media, one of the protestors told about his mental stress due to not getting married. He said that I lost my job as an electrical engineer because I was worried about marriage.

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