Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Film style heist at Indian State Bank, gold worth crores of rupees stolen

New Delhi (Daily Pakistan Online) In the State Bank of India, thieves dug a tunnel and stole gold worth about one crore Indian rupees (2 crore 73 lakh Pakistani rupees) from the lockers.

According to the Indian media, in the city of Kanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh, such a unique incident of theft was done in the State Bank of India that even the authorities were stunned. Between Thursday and Friday, thieves dug a 10-foot long tunnel and stole the lockers of the State Bank of India. One kilogram of gold was stolen from but surprisingly the thieves did not touch the currency notes worth Rs 35 lakh and left with only the gold.

According to Indian media, when the staff of the bank opened the doors and entered the next Friday, they were surprised to see the lockers open. The staff immediately reported the incident to the police and the bank’s CCTV was seen, but I also could not find out about the thieves.

When the police started an investigation with the help of sniffer dogs, a 10 feet long tunnel was discovered. Police officials say that a case has been registered and investigation has been started from every aspect of the matter.

According to Indian media, the incident in Kanpur, the State Bank of India branch has been established since 1969, in which a similar theft took place in 1997.

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