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New Zealand’s prime minister called his rival political leader an ‘arrogant thorn’ during a heated parliamentary debate last week. Now the two politicians are using it to support charitable causes.

New Zealand: Prime Minister's bravado raises thousands of dollars for charity
New Zealand: Prime Minister’s bravado raises thousands of dollars for charity


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A signed official transcript of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s profanity during a heated debate in parliament sold for nearly $63,000 at auction on Thursday. .

Last week Jacinda Ardern, in a separate comment during a conversation with her deputy in Parliament, used the term “arrogant thorn” for ACT leader David Seymour, which was not part of her address, however. It was recorded by Mike. The incident took place during a heated debate before the election year.

Ardern later apologized for the rude rant, but it became part of the Hansard, the official parliamentary record. Seymour was initially shocked by the Prime Minister’s comment, but nevertheless suggested auctioning it off at a party.

Political rivals together for a good cause

The two political rivals agreed to sign the parliamentary transcript and it was auctioned to raise funds for the ‘Prostate Cancer Foundation’. During the auction, 282 people bid to buy it.

It was auctioned by the website ‘Trade Me’, which received almost 450,000 comments, making it the website’s most popular auction of the year. “Funds will go everywhere to raise money for the fork,” Seymour said.

Prime Minister Ardern announced the news on Facebook. She wrote in her post: “Can’t say I expected this. An embarrassing move on old Mike in Parliament turned into a million New Zealand dollars for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. I thank David for a great cause and everyone who bid.”

Peter Dickens, chief executive of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, thanked politicians for their “classic” reaction. He said the money is coming at an opportune time as the foundation was unable to raise much money last year due to the pandemic. “Just a little prick or a thorn can save a life,” he joked.

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