Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Passengers who mistook the staff for domestic help were shouted at by air hostesses

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) Incidents of air hostesses treating them as their personal employees and misbehaving during air travel often happen, but recently, an Indian air hostess made such a statement to such a passenger that the internet users criticized this air hostess. Forced to appreciate.

According to the private TV channel 24 News, this flight of the Indian airline ‘IndiGo’ was going from New Delhi to the city of Istanbul in Turkey. In the video that has surfaced, it can be seen that the air hostess is trying to explain something to the passenger, on which the passenger shouts at her while pointing a finger at her.

The passenger says, “Shut up.” Don’t shout in front of me.” In response, the air hostess also raises her voice and says, “You shut up. I am doing duty here, I am an employee here, not your servant.” It has been told that passengers and air hostesses. There was a bitter argument between them on the matter of food. The passenger was asking for the food of his choice and the air hostess was trying to explain it to him.

She was telling him that your boarding pass clearly states that you will get sandwiches. According to the sources, the airhostess first started crying because of the bad behavior of the passenger and then tried to explain to him, but when he again spoke to him in a bitter tone, this time the airhostess also answered him in his own language.

The video is quickly going viral on the internet and users are praising the airhostess. Indian actor and director Parveen Debas wrote in one of his tweets that “Salute to this woman for standing up to a rude passenger, IndiGo should reward this woman and promote her.” We see such incidents in flights every day where people mistreat air hostesses as their personal servants and they suffer silently to save their jobs.”

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