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Daughter abducted in front of father, CCTV video came out

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) Recently, a CCTV footage of a girl being kidnapped from India in front of her father was posted on the internet. Now there is such an update regarding this incident that it becomes hard to believe. According to India Times, the girl has married one of her abductors and has filed a case against her parents for molestation.

According to the report, the incident took place in Sirsila district of Telangana state on Monday. Four accused came in a car and grabbed the girl and forcibly put her in the car. The 18-year-old girl, identified as Shalini, was returning from the temple when she was abducted.

Shalini’s father registered a case with the police, who were busy trying to arrest the accused, but the girl herself came forward and filed a police report against her parents, saying that her parents had killed her and her husband for marrying her. are threatening The person whom she described as her husband of choice was none other than her kidnapper.

According to the police, the girl has been in a relationship with the kidnapper for many years. She had run away with him in the past, but due to the girl’s young age, they could not marry and the girl returned home. Now when she was 18 years old, the young man kidnapped her and married her.

The girl has also posted a video of her wedding on her social media account, in which she is willingly marrying her abductor. The girl says that a year ago when she ran away from home with the man, they got married, but the marriage could not be registered due to her young age.

According to the police, the boy belongs to ‘Dalit’, a lower caste of Hindu religion, due to which the girl’s parents were not willing to marry their daughter with him and the girl was also in a dilemma and was not agreeing to run away from home. was, on which the boy kidnapped her, after which the girl also agreed to the marriage. According to the report, the boy’s name is Ganeshwar and his age is 22 years.

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