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Tired of beating and cruelty, the wife slept with the body after killing her husband and in the morning…

Mumbai (Daily Pakistan Online) Tired of quarrels and beatings, the wife killed her husband and slept with his body.

According to Indian media, Atul and Anu were living with their children in the city of Rae Bareli in the state of Uttar Pradesh, but on the night of December 15, when Anu’s husband came home in a drunken state, he attacked Atul on the head with a heavy object. And then strangled him to death. According to media reports, Anu, who runs a beauty parlor in the area, slept with her husband’s body overnight after killing her, and then the children the next morning. After asking her father to sleep, she went to work, after returning from work, the woman cooked the children and when the children fell asleep at night, Anu threw her husband’s body by the gate of the house and raised the alarm. Kar informed the neighbors that her husband had fallen from the upper floor of the house and died due to intoxication.

According to the police, when the woman’s statement was taken, there were contradictions in it, on which she was sent to jail on judicial remand, where the woman confessed to killing her husband. According to the police, the woman says that her husband is addicted to drugs. And he used to beat him every day, he used to demand money every day, due to which we often had a fight, a day before the murder incident, i.e. on 14th December, we had a fight with each other. Had decided to end her husband.

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