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Football fan’s wedding, whose shirts did the bride and groom wear as their wedding dress? …

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) At the wedding, the bride and groom adorn themselves in wedding dresses, especially in Pakistan and India, brides wear bright dresses which is their dream of life, but recently, a bride and groom in India has done such a thing in their wedding. Dressed up, the onlookers were stunned. According to India Times, in this couple, the groom wore shirts of Argentinian footballer Messi and the bride wore shirts of French footballer Kylian.

Bride Atheera and groom Sachin were football fans but both liked different teams and players. The bride liked the French player Kylian, while the groom liked the Argentinian footballer Messi, so they both wore the shirts of their favorite players in the wedding ceremony.

Sachin and Athira are said to be from Kochi, Kerala, India. Initially, the BBC posted a picture of the two on its Instagram account, which quickly went viral. Both of them got married in the final of FIFA World Cup on the day when Argentina and France faced each other.

According to the report, the two got married in a hurry and traveled 128 km to reach Sachin’s house before the start of the match to watch their favorite players compete against each other in the final of the FIFA World Cup.

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