Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Ambulance driver drinking alcohol on the way and also feeding his injured patient…

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) In India, a video of an ambulance driver stopping the car on the way to drink alcohol and feeding his injured patient has gone viral on the internet. According to India Today, this video has emerged from the state of Odisha.

An ambulance driver is taking a person injured in an accident to the hospital, but while traveling on the highway in Tirtul area, he parks the ambulance on one side and creates a jam for himself and the injured person in the ambulance one by one. Serves jam.

In the video, it can be seen that the ambulance driver is standing outside, while the injured person is lying on a stretcher in the ambulance drinking alcohol. Chief District Medical Officer of Jagat Singhpur, Dr. Kshitrabsi Dash has confirmed the incident and said that “The patient was brought to the district hospital, but since the ambulance was private, we cannot take any action against the driver.”

“We questioned the ambulance driver and he said that he himself did not offer alcohol to the injured person but when he started drinking, the injured person himself asked him for alcohol,” said Kshitrabasi Dash. The injured man’s wife and his young son were also present in the ambulance at that time.

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