Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Taliban deputy governor pardons father’s killer

Kabul (Web Desk) Gul Mohammad, a senior Taliban leader in Afghanistan, pardoned the murderer of his father, who was to be publicly hanged soon on the order of the Supreme Court, Mufti Abdul Wahab, the father of the Taliban leader, in the case of buying and selling cattle in 1991. I was killed when a dispute arose, immediately after the murder, the killer Abdul Ghafoor was detained, but after some time he was released, but the tribe of the victim strongly protested against it, and this matter is between two tribes. There was a quarrel.

Express News reported with reference to foreign media that in Afghanistan, on the orders of Taliban leader Mullah Habtaullah Akhundzada, the suspects guilty of serious crimes, including murder, are being given Shariah punishments after being found guilty.

This month, two people have been publicly executed, in one of which the father of the murdered son shot the killer in public. Top officials of the Taliban were also present at the time of the execution of the sentence, but today the deputy governor of the Taliban in Jawzjan province, Gul Muhammad, forgave Abdul Ghafoor, the killer of his father, Mufti Abdul Wahab Zahid, for the sake of Allah, saying that he was asked by two tribes. The 30-year conflict will end. Forgiveness is a great virtue.

It should be noted that on the order of the Supreme Court, the killer was to be hanged soon, however, the killer was ordered to be released after receiving forgiveness from the family members.

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