Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Riots broke out in France after the defeat in the World Cup final

PARIS (Web Desk) The French were enraged by the loss on penalty kicks by Argentina in the final match of the FIFA World Cup 2022 and the public rioted in the streets. The fans of the defending champions France were quite hopeful for their team’s victory. Great preparations were also made for the celebration across France.

According to Express News, the match was also very exciting, despite Argentina leading by two goals, the French team made a comeback and Mbappe scored two goals to equalize the score and brought the team back into the match. In extra time, Messi scored a goal. Once again Argentina took the lead but Mbappe equalized again. The decision was later decided on penalty kicks in which France conceded two goals.

French fans went wild and took to the streets in Paris, Lyon and Nice. The protesters rioted and ransacked. 15,000 police personnel were deployed to control the situation. Clashes also took place between the police and the protesters in which around 50 civilians were injured while 10 police personnel were also injured.

Police detained more than a dozen people for scuffle, vandalism and disorderly conduct. The protesters criticized the poor performance of the entire team except Mbappe.

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