Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh took out a Victory Day procession in Dhaka and said they want the respect they deserve.

File photo IANS
File photo IANS

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After 51 years of independence, Pakistanis trapped in Bangladesh took out ‘Victory March’ on the occasion of ‘Victory Day’. Pakistanis called ‘Bihari’ celebrated ‘Victory Day’ for the first time. The march of these Pakistanis started from Mirpur in the capital city of Dhaka at around three o’clock on Sunday afternoon. The victory procession passed through Mirpur No. 11, Mirpur No. 10, Mirpur No. 13, Kalshi area and ended in front of Big Masjid No. 11.

“We are citizens of Bangladesh. We are Bangladeshis, this is our identity. We are still treated as trapped Pakistanis. What our predecessors did or We should be ashamed of this unfortunate incident, we now want the respect we deserve.”

“Bangladesh has become independent from East Pakistan. Earlier it was East Pakistan, we were born there and after independence we are citizens of Bangladesh. We have to prove it,” said Mossad Ahmed, president of Bihari Welfare Mission of Bangladesh. Wish we are Bangladeshi.

He said that we have got national identity cards since 2008. Many people misunderstand us and call us Pakistanis. That is why we are not recovering.”

Answering a question about the victory march in Bangladesh after such a long time, this Bihari leader said, “We have not yet become so prosperous economically.” Due to which it was not possible for us to do any big program. After talking to several people. I was able to convince many people and finally I was able to take out victory march on Bangladesh Victory Day. We have spoken to everyone in the camp and we are taking out the victory march as per the decision after speaking to them.

Pointing out that one million Rohingyas have taken refuge in Bangladesh, Mossad Ahmed said, “Four million Biharis, who are now Bangladeshis, are not being accommodated. In 2014, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked the construction ministry to arrange our accommodation. The matter is still pending.”

Many who participated in the victory march said, “On this victory day we pledge to resume our restoration movement.” We are Bangladeshis, we will be resettled – which the government has already announced, but is stuck in bureaucracy. There is unrest in the camp due to various reasons. We hope that the government will give us the respect we deserve. We were with Awami League before, we are now, we will be in the future.

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