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The father and uncle took the bride from the wedding hall and killed her, very far from India…

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) In India, the father and uncle dragged the teenage girl from the wedding hall and killed her. According to India Times, this tragic incident took place in Pirpampal village in Jalna district of Maharashtra state. It has been reported that the 17-year-old victim ran away from home a few weeks ago with her acquaintance, who was her distant relative.

The girl’s father contacted her and said, “You come back home, we will get you both married.” The girl obeyed her father and went back and the wedding day was fixed for both of them. On the day of the wedding, the bride and groom were sitting on the mandap when the groom’s family demanded dowry and said that if the girl’s father did not give the daughter a portion of the agricultural land in the dowry, he would take back his son’s baraat empty.

According to the report, the girl’s parents tried to explain to the boys, but when they did not agree, the girl’s father and uncle, fearing disrespect, dragged the girl from the mandap to a nearby tree and tortured her there. After targeting, he tied a rope to the same tree and trapped him.

It has been told that on this occasion the people of the village and relatives were present but no one tried to save the girl. The girl’s body was hanging by the tree till evening and then the father and uncle took down the body and burnt the pyre to erase the evidence. The next day someone from the village informed the police, on which the police reached the village and arrested the girl’s father and uncle and started investigation.

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