Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Gems worth $120 million stolen from museum in Germany

Berlin (Daily Pakistan Online) German authorities have said they have recovered a significant portion of jewelry stolen in a 2019 heist worth $120 million from a historic art collection in Dresden. Dresden’s Green Vault Museum, one of Europe’s largest art collections, reportedly contains more than 4,300 diamonds, a CBS News report said.

The update comes amid the trial of six suspects in the raid on Dresden’s Green Vault Museum. The suspects are said to be members of the so-called “Remo clan,” an extended family known for its ties to organized crime in Germany.

Officials say they have immediately secured 31 of the recovered items in the capital Berlin, many of which appear to be in good condition. Officials from the police and the authority that oversees the city’s art collection are checking its authenticity and checking whether they are genuine. Officials say some important items are still missing.

The Dresden incident was one of several robberies at German museums in recent years. Thieves broke into a museum in Bavaria in early November and took around 500 ancient gold coins worth several million euros. In 2020, a Berlin court sentenced three men for stealing 100 kilograms of gold coins worth four million dollars from a museum in the center of the German capital.

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