Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Russia rained missiles on Ukraine

Kyiv (Daily Pakistan Online) On Friday, Russia launched more than 70 missiles on Ukraine in its biggest attack so far in the ongoing war with Ukraine. The Russian attack knocked out power in Ukraine’s second-largest city and forced Kyiv to impose a nationwide emergency blackout.

Three people were killed when an apartment block was hit in central Krivi Raya, and another was killed by gunfire in Kherson in the south, Kyiv officials said, according to the Reuters news agency. Officials of Russian installations in eastern Ukraine have said that 12 people have been killed by Ukrainian shelling.

In an evening video address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said Russia still had enough missiles for many more large-scale attacks and again urged Western allies to provide Kyiv with better air defenses. Provide the system. Zelensky said that Ukraine is strong enough to respond strongly.

Kyiv warned on Thursday that Moscow planned a new all-out offensive early next year. Russia has rained missiles on Ukrainian energy infrastructure almost weekly since early October after several battlefield defeats, but Friday’s attack caused more damage than many others.

Ukraine’s air force has said that Russia has flown warplanes near Ukraine to distract its air defenses. Its army chief said 60 of 76 Russian missiles had been shot down, but Energy Minister German Galushenko said at least nine power-generating facilities had been hit. Moscow says the attacks are aimed at disabling Ukraine’s military. Ukrainian authorities call them war crimes.

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