Tue. May 30th, 2023

Japan’s $320 billion “unthinkable” military build-up to counter China

TOKYO (Daily Pakistan Online) Japan has said it will embark on an unprecedented $320 billion military overhaul that will arm it with missiles capable of striking China and prepare it for a permanent conflict as Regional tensions and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have raised fears of war.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kushida’s government fears Russia has set a precedent that would encourage China to attack Taiwan, threaten the security of nearby Japanese islands, disrupt supplies of advanced semiconductors will create and disrupt the sea routes that supply oil to the Middle East.

In its major five-year plan and new national security strategy, the government said it would also stockpile spare parts and other munitions, strengthen logistics, develop cyber warfare capabilities, and the U.S. and other It will cooperate more closely with like-minded countries.

“Russia’s attack on Ukraine is a serious violation of the laws prohibiting the use of force and has shaken the foundations of the international system,” Japan said in a national security paper. The strategic challenge is the biggest challenge Japan has ever faced.’

Kishda’s plan would double defense spending to about two percent of GDP over the next five years and increase the defense ministry’s share to about a tenth of all public spending. It would also make Japan the world’s third-largest defense spender, behind the US and China, based on current budgets.

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