Tue. May 30th, 2023

WhatsApp, the world’s largest instant messaging application, has introduced more video calling features and increased the number of people in it.

After the new updates, now any user can add up to 32 people in their video call.

WhatsApp had already announced to increase the number of members in video calling but now it has also been introduced.

Interestingly, earlier in 2020 WhatsApp increased the number of members in video calling to 8.

Before the year 2020, only 4 people could join a WhatsApp video call at the same time.

But after the spread of the Corona epidemic and the increase in popularity of ‘Zoom’ across the world, WhatsApp decided to improve the video calling features and now 32 people can join a single video call simultaneously.

While the number of members for video calling has been increased 4 times to 32, the quality of video calling has also been improved while more features have been introduced.

Now users can also mute WhatsApp messages during video calling.

Similarly, this feature has also been presented that a link can be created for a group video call and other users can also join the video call by clicking the link.

WhatsApp has the same features as Zoom, but still people prefer Zoom over WhatsApp for online meetings and meetings.

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