Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that in 2020, the misuse or overuse of antibiotics worldwide has revealed that bacteria have become stronger, making infections stronger.

According to the news agency “Reuters”, the latest report released by the World Health Organization stated that the data obtained from 87 countries of the world showed that infections increased due to incorrect or excessive use of antibiotics, which Diseases became severe.

According to the report, the data shows that the misuse or excessive use of antibiotics has made bacteria and infections stronger in non- and medium-sized countries of the world, which are not affected by antibiotic drugs, but instead infections are increasing.

The report found that around the world, resistance to antibiotic drugs by bacteria and infections increased by 50 percent, meaning that the drugs were not working against them.

The report stated that the data showed that the antibiotic was not effective in infections other than sexually transmitted infections, including infections such as Klebsiella pneumoniae and Acinetobacter spp.

According to the World Organization, even ‘last resort antibiotic drugs’ i.e. advanced level antibiotics have failed to show effect on infections and bacteria.

The World Health Organization has linked the growth of bacteria and infections and their resistance to antibiotics to incorrect or excessive antibiotic use.

The organization urged countries around the world to ensure the availability of data on drugs to combat infections and bacteria.

The report stated that despite the use of antibiotics in 2020 compared to 2017, more than 15% increase in bacteria and infections was recorded and overall, the resistance of diseases against antibiotics was recorded by 50% in the first year of Corona.

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