Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

The flight was late, 13 foreign passengers took a taxi and reached the destination by road.

New York (Monitoring Desk) After the flight is canceled, the passengers have no choice but to wait or go back home. will According to the Washington Post, these people were at the airport in Knoxville, Tennessee, from where they had to board Frontier Airlines flight 1222.

At the same time, the cancellation of the flight was announced. These people had to go to the state of Orlando, 1,50 km away. Alana Storey, a 23-year-old girl among the passengers, said through her social media account that everyone was upset when the flight was canceled, but one person said why don’t we all get a van together and go to Orlando by land.

According to Alana Story, all the passengers agreed with the man and said that it would be an enjoyable experience. We had no choice but to do so as the next flight to Orlando was scheduled to leave 48 hours later. So we got a van that could seat 15 passengers. 13 of us sat in this van and traveled all night to Orlando.

“We rented the van from Hertz and made $60 per passenger, much less than a plane ticket,” Alana said. This trip was truly a most enjoyable trip for us. I was returning from a vacation with my family. We have never enjoyed a vacation as much as we did during this trip.”

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