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Record 20 deaths due to dowry in India every day, heartbreaking figures…

New Delhi (Daily Pakistan Online) Due to dowry in India, an average of 20 women lost their lives every day due to dowry issue from 2017 to 2021, the state of Uttar Pradesh recorded the highest rate of dowry related deaths. went where six women had to lose their lives every day.

In a written reply submitted to a question in the Rajya Sabha, the Minister of State for Home Affairs of the Federal Government of India, Amit Mishra, revealed that a total of 35,493 dowry-related deaths occurred in India between 2017 and 2021. He revealed that in 2017 there were 7466 deaths, 7167 the following year, and 7141 the following year. 6966 deaths were recorded in 2020 and 6753 in 2021.

It should also be noted here that under Article 304 of the Indian Constitution, any burn, injury or death of a woman during the first seven years of marriage will also be treated as a case of dowry. Also, if a woman has ever been harassed by her in-laws on the issue of dowry but dies later, she will still be listed under the category of dowry death.

According to the Crime in India 2021 report, in the year 2020, 6589 cases of dowry-related murders were reported in India, in which 6628 people lost their lives.

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