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Germany is facing an energy crisis due to the Ukraine war. Christmas lights are also being used very wisely.

Energy crisis, Christmas lights in Germany also controversial
Energy crisis, Christmas lights in Germany also controversial


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Germany is one of the countries suffering from the energy crisis caused by the Ukraine war. In these situations, Christmas lights and Christmas markets are also a topic of discussion.

Christmas in Germany has started in full swing. There are signs of a White Christmas and the first snow of the year has already fallen. Every city has a decorated Christmas market. Strings of twinkling candles and Christmas lights can be seen hanging in the centers. That is, the real spiritual feeling of Christmas is being found everywhere.

But due to the energy crisis in Germany, people’s love for Christmas lights has become somewhat controversial. The energy used by decorative lights in public spaces is not only expensive, but also closely related to the war in Ukraine.

Energy crisis and savings

Long before the start of the Christmas season, Germans began debating how ethical it was to ‘put up Christmas lights’ in front of their homes or in their yards. Is it really necessary to have a Santa Claus hanging from the balcony or a reindeer decorated with firecrackers?

How much energy should and shouldn’t be expended during the Christmas season? German people have two opinions about this. One is those who say that all non-essential use of electricity should be stopped to show support for Ukraine. But others say that cheering people up with Christmas decorations, cheering each other up, is especially important in times of crisis.

Jürgen Resch, executive director of the German environmental organization ‘Environmental Action’, opened the debate by pointing out that electricity consumption is particularly high during the Christmas season. In an interview to DW, he said that especially this year, very few lamps should be lit.

According to Resch, “It’s not that Germany should go dark at Christmas, but instead of flashing street lights for ‘street shopping’, which consumes a lot of electricity, we should focus on the essentials.” Should.”

Glimmering city centers

In September 2022, the Berlin senate announced that it would not use public funds to pay for Christmas lighting around the German capital. The justification for this was the energy crisis and the need to save money.

The 140,000 ‘LED lights’ that decorate the famous Kurfürstendamm boulevard in western Berlin were switched on last week, but only thanks to private donations. On the other hand, the trees along the Berlin boulevard of ‘Unter den Linden’ are seen without their usual twinkling lights.

Christmas markets and tourism

Some German cities have adopted strategies to shorten the opening hours of Christmas markets to save energy. As in Folda, Germany, markets are closed one day a week.

However, the German Showmen’s Association does not see any real energy savings as a result of this change and considers the importance of Christmas markets as a place where people can gather and meet, especially in difficult times. can have a good time with

However, the energy crisis did not affect a very famous area of ​​Berlin, ‘Babel Platts’. The morale of those who come here will not be lowered. The atmosphere of this particular Christmas market in Berlin is very pleasant, where unlike other Christmas markets, bright lights are visible everywhere and a huge Christmas tree is installed in the middle of the market. Innumerable domestic and foreign tourists come here to see its beautiful decoration and jig-mag.

German Christmas markets are also a major symbol of German culture. Therefore, the Christmas season is an extraordinary attraction for foreign tourists visiting Germany. The run-up to Christmas in Germany is a magnet for tourists from all over the world with all its markets and lights. If the flashing Christmas lights are excessive, the energy consumption will certainly increase.

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