Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

The series of explosions and suicide attacks in Afghanistan is continuing. According to the latest reports, there has been a huge explosion in a Chinese hotel in Kabul on Monday afternoon. Not only that, according to the locals, continuous firing and explosions are heard from the hotel, which suggests that the attackers have entered the hotel.

It is said that there is a hotel called ‘Star-A-No’ in the Sharino area of ​​Kabul where senior Chinese officials are often seen coming and going. That is why this hotel is called Chinese Hotel. According to news agency AFP, the incident of explosion and firing has taken place in the same hotel. However, there is no information about who the attackers are.

Some of the videos of the attack on the Chinese hotel have been shared on social media by local media reporters. He wrote on Twitter that “A Chinese hotel was attacked in Shironu area of ​​Kabul city. Some assailants entered the hotel and opened fire.

It should be noted that there was an attack in Kabul a few days ago. At the beginning of December, the Pakistani embassy in Kabul was also attacked. In this attack, Ambassador Obaidur Rehman Najmani was shot at, but then the security guard there took the bullet himself and the Pakistani chief’s life was saved. The security guard is said to be still recovering and undergoing treatment.

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