Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

University students in China have created a cloak that can hide the wearer from the eyes of security cameras.

The special camouflage technology used in this jacket means that the human wearing it cannot be identified by artificial intelligence and has the potential to revolutionize modern tactics.

A team from Wuhan University has created a coat called ‘Innoz Defense’ that can be worn by people to avoid the eyes of artificial intelligence-powered security cameras.
The coat looks like an ordinary coat, but advanced algorithms create patterns that hide the wearer from the machine’s eyes.

During the day, these patterns attract dust to the eye of an AI-powered camera, while at night, the heat from the coat confuses the infrared camera.

The newly invented coat also has the ability to evade detection systems in self-driving vehicles. However, it cannot fool humans monitoring the camera.

According to Professor Weng Zheng, under whose supervision the project was completed, many surveillance devices today can identify the human body. Cameras on roads identify pedestrians while smart cars identify pedestrians, roads and obstacles.

He said that after wearing Inoz Defense, the camera can mirror you, but it cannot tell if you are human or not.

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