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100 boys broke into the house and kidnapped the young doctor

Telangana (Daily Pakistan Online) Around 100 boys broke into a house and kidnapped a 24-year-old girl from Ranga Reddy district in the Indian state of Telangana. Residents of the house told the police that 100 people attacked their house on Friday. They stormed in and abducted their daughter Vaishali, 24. After the video of the fight and vandalism of these boys leaving the two-storey house went viral, there was an uproar in the Indian media.

According to Hindustan Times, the latest reports are that the police recovered the girl within six hours and arrested 16 people, but the main suspect says that the girl is his wife.

India’s private news agency ANI has released a video of the alleged abduction, in which a large number of young boys can be seen leaving a two-story house. The main door of the house is completely open. These boys are also fighting with an elderly man who tries to hit them with a stick but fails. Meanwhile, a young man breaks the windows of a car parked outside the house.

Police rescued the girl within six hours and arrested 16 of the attackers, Hindustan Times reported on Saturday. A case has also been registered against these people under the provisions of attempted murder and kidnapping. This incident took place in Adidabatla, a village of Ranga Reddy, which is located near Hyderabad city. There is also a center for Tata Aerospace.

According to the Indian police, the main suspect in the kidnapping is 26-year-old Naveen Reddy, who trades tea. Naveen says that he married Vaishali but later when he became a dentist, the girl’s parents changed their mind. Police say that raids are also being conducted to arrest other persons involved in the kidnapping.

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