Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

The summit of Saudi Arabia and China made a big announcement

Riyadh (Daily Pakistan Online) Saudi Arabia and China have expressed their determination to prioritize mutual relations in foreign policy. Both countries have also pledged to set a model of cooperation and solidarity for developing countries. According to the joint statement issued by the two sides after the Saudi-Chinese summit, the two sides reiterated that they will continue to firmly support each other’s core interests, in maintaining their sovereignty and territorial integrity. shall support each other, and shall make joint efforts to defend international law, the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of States. Saudi Arabia’s official SPA news agency reported that the Saudi side reiterated its commitment to the One China policy.

Furthermore, the Chinese side expressed its support for the Kingdom to maintain its security and stability and oppose any measures to interfere in the internal affairs of Saudi Arabia and any targeting of citizens, civilian facilities, areas and Saudi Arabia. also rejected the attack. The parties expressed satisfaction over the progress made in bilateral relations over the past three decades.

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