Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Dismissed ex-employee of Twitter accuses Elon Musk, court…

New York (Monitoring Desk) The ex-employee of Twitter, who was fired from her job, approached the court accusing Elon Musk of gender discrimination. According to India Times, Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, fired more than half of his employees after taking control of the microblogging platform Twitter.

The lawsuit filed by the fired women in federal court in San Francisco alleges that Elon Musk discriminated against women in his layoffs and fired more women than men. Women say that 57% of the employees fired from Twitter are women and 47% are men.

The women who have filed the lawsuit have said that this rate is even more unfair in the engineering sector where 63% of the laid off employees are women. In this case, Twitter management violated California and federal laws prohibiting gender discrimination in the workplace.

Among the women fired by the Twitter management is a woman named Ren Turkel, who says, “I have worked in many other companies but I have never seen such a situation anywhere.” I have a family, I have a child, whose maintenance is my responsibility. Thus suddenly I was fired from my job, on top of which I am facing serious financial problems. I am also worried about my fellow employees as they are also facing the same situation as me.”

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