Tue. May 30th, 2023

The United Nations says Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure have created an “extraordinary situation” regarding the needs of civilians besieged. The organization once again called the war “stupid”.

Threatening the existence of Ukrainian citizens, UN
Threatening the existence of Ukrainian citizens, UN


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The UN humanitarian chief, Martin Griffiths, told the UN Security Council that Russia’s “sustained” and “stupid” attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, even during extreme cold weather, were “neglecting the basic needs of the Ukrainian people”. A minor situation has arisen.

Martin Griffiths on Tuesday briefed members of the Security Council on the deaths, displacement and suffering in Ukraine since the February 24 Russian invasion.

He said that Moscow’s recent attacks on key installations and infrastructure have worsened the situation and millions of people have lost access to heat, electricity and water. which is “another dangerous aspect of the humanitarian crisis caused by war.”

The existence of Ukrainian citizens is under attack

Griffiths said that more than 14 million people have been forced to move from Ukraine. Among them are 7.8 million people who have taken refuge in different countries in Europe.

Referring to the data of the United Nations Human Rights Office, he said that according to the report up to December 1, a total of 17,023 people have been killed in this war, including 419 children. However, he said the actual death toll could be much higher.

At least 715 health centers were attacked, Griffiths said. He said that as a result of attacks on urban infrastructure, people have been deprived of health services and children deprived of education. The existence of civilians in Ukraine today is under attack.”

It should be noted that after Russia’s attack on Ukraine in February, dozens of UN Security Council meetings have been held, but no meaningful action has been taken. The Security Council includes five veto-wielding countries, China, France, the United Kingdom and the United States, along with Russia.

A real alternative to war should be offered

Addressing the meeting, United Nations Deputy Ambassador Edog Kombe Masambo said that considering the suffering and despair faced by the Ukrainian people as a result of months of war, it is wrong to hold a meeting without presenting any real alternative to war to the international community. There will be no benefit. He said that now is the time to talk about ending the war. Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebanzia said Moscow was ready to start talks only if “the root causes of the war” were resolved.

Moscone initially said the military offensive was aimed at disarming Ukraine so it would not pose a threat to Russia, but Kiev and its allies believe Russia’s real goal is to overthrow Ukraine’s pro-European government. .

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