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Turkey’s ambassador to Germany has called for a full investigation into the stabbing of two schoolgirls in a town in the southern German city of Ulm. In this attack, one student was killed and another was seriously injured.

Germany: The death of a Turkish-born schoolgirl in a knife attack: The Turkish ambassador has asked for an answer
Germany: The death of a Turkish-born schoolgirl in a knife attack: The Turkish ambassador has asked for an answer


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Last Monday, two schoolgirls were attacked with knives in Ulm, a small town in the southern German city of Ulm, while they were both on their way to school. A fourteen-year-old girl was killed while another thirteen-year-old girl was seriously injured in this brutal attack. The incident has shaken the Turkish community in Germany, especially Ulm. Turkish Ambassador to Germany, Ahmed Basar Sen, visited Ulm town on Tuesday. The Turkish ambassador went to the crime scene and met with the local Turkish population there. On this occasion, he said, “Who committed this crime?” Will it ever be traced?” He called on the German authorities to fully investigate the attack and assured the Turkish community of its full support.

Police action

Meanwhile, German police have launched an investigation into the murder and attempted murder. Following the attack, police detained a 27-year-old asylum seeker from Eritrea. The accused allegedly stabbed both the girls and one of them succumbed to her injuries. The knife used in the attack was recovered from the alleged offender. After committing the crime, the man was trying to escape and hide in a refugee center when the police detained him. The alleged assailant was later taken to the prison hospital, where he underwent surgery because the man himself had been injured during or after the incident. Police arrested two more people from the refugee camp, but they were later dispersed without charge. Both these people also belonged to Eritrea.

The position of the German Ministry of the Interior

German Interior Ministry officials confirmed that the 14-year-old girl, who was severely stabbed, bled profusely and died. The deceased girl was a German citizen of Turkish descent.

According to the investigators, no clear motive for the incident could be immediately revealed. Second, the assailant has no previous criminal record. In the past, the accused was caught traveling on public transport without a ticket only once. The assailant has so far remained silent and refused to make any statements to police or prosecutors, prosecutors said.

Meanwhile, the police appealed to the public to stop speculating and be suspicious of those seeking protection at the town’s refugee center and to treat all asylum seekers as criminal in general. Avoid talking to me. The Turkish ambassador expressed sympathy and solidarity with the bereaved parents of the deceased girl.

Statement by the Mayor of Ulrichsburg

After the incident took place on Monday, Markus Heusler, the mayor of Alkurschberg, said that everyone was in a state of shock after the incident. He said, “We are with the affected families. It’s very sad.” According to a local radio broadcast, the two girls who were victims of the murderous attack belong to a minority “Alawite” community in Turkey.

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