Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Barcelona: A group of immigrants in the European country of Spain (Spain) made an emergency landing of the plane citing the motherhood of the woman and got off the plane and escaped. According to foreign media reports, 28 people got off the plane and fled the airport while the woman was being taken off the plane for medical assistance at Barcelona Airport in Spain.

According to the media, the Spanish government said that a commercial plane from Morocco to Turkey made an emergency landing at Barcelona’s El Prat airport early Wednesday morning. A medical emergency was reported from the plane. However, after the plane landed, 28 passengers were killed. They ran away.

The government said police had initially detained 14 people, including a pregnant woman who authorities said had feigned labor pains but was taken to a hospital. When she was taken, she was not found to be in labour.

According to officials, two more people were later arrested, one of whom was caught inside the airport and the other was found outside, but 12 more people are still unaccounted for. Five of those detained were immediately flown back on a plane operated by Turkey’s Pegasus Airlines, while at least eight others will be flown to Morocco. The said plane was carrying a total of 228 passengers from Casablanca to Istanbul.

It may be recalled that a similar incident happened in October last year, when a group of passengers made an emergency landing on the Spanish island of Mallorca under similar false pretenses, and then disembarked, 12 of them. were arrested, while 12 managed to escape.

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