Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated once again that the war in Ukraine could be a long process. He also said that the risk of nuclear war is increasing, but Moscow is not ‘crazy’. He will not use nuclear weapons first. Putin made this statement at the annual meeting of the Human Rights Council of Russia.

Discussing the possibility of nuclear war via video link from Moscow, Putin warned that such a threat was growing, it would be wrong to hide it. But he stressed that Russia would not under any circumstances use the weapons first and would not threaten anyone with its nuclear arsenal.

According to the BBC report, President Putin also said that Russia has the most modern and advanced nuclear weapons in the world and compared its nuclear policy to that of the United States, which he said was lax in other areas. But it was ahead of Russia by discovering its nuclear weapons.

Putin said that we do not have nuclear weapons, including strategic ones, in the field of other countries, but the Americans have them in Turkey and several other European countries. Putin has previously asserted that Russia’s nuclear policy allows for only the defensive use of nuclear weapons.

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