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A Muslim and a Hindu, two brothers in India at the death of their ‘Muslim’ mother…

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) In India, two brothers, one Muslim and one Hindu, fought over the last rites of their ‘Muslim’ mother and the police implemented the demand of the Hindu brother. According to the Times of India, this incident took place in Lakhisarai district of Bihar state, where a woman named Rekha Khatun got married to Rajendra Jha, a Hindu man of Jankedi village after the death of her first Muslim husband 45 years ago.

The woman had a son from her first husband who was a Muslim. He stayed with his mother after her marriage to a Hindu man. Another son was born to Rekha Khatun from Rajendra. Rajendra was a temple priest and his son also became a staunch Hindu. Rajendra also died 10 years ago after which the woman was living with her two sons.

One brother would go to the temple and the other would go to the mosque and pray. There was never any quarrel on the issue of religion in the house, but the two brothers fought over the death of their mother. The Muslim brother said that he would bury the mother, but the Hindu brother said that he would do the kriyakaram for the mother. The matter escalated to such an extent that the police had to intervene.

The Hindu brother told the police that after marrying his father, his mother had left Islam and converted to Hinduism. Believing her to be right, the police gave a verdict in her favor and under their supervision set fire to the woman’s pyre and made her do her Kriya Karam.

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