Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Paul Buchheit, the developer of Gmail, has said that after the arrival of chatbots that use artificial intelligence to replace Google’s search engine, Google may have some time left before total disruption. Two or three years are left.

Developer Paul Bouheit, the creator of Google’s Gmail, believes that Google’s search engine monopoly looks set to break soon.

He said that artificial intelligence will destroy the search engine result pages where search engines make money.

Paul Bouheit wrote in one of his tweets that although these people are also working on artificial intelligence, they will not be able to implement artificial intelligence by completely destroying the most important part of their business.

He further wrote that the Google search engine is probably two or three years away from its demise.Google’s main source of revenue is its advertising, where advertisers pay to have their advertisements printed on search engine results pages in the hope that users will find them. Click on the link.

Paul Bouheit said that artificial intelligence will use old search engines and links to show results to users, it’s just like hiring a human researcher, but artificial intelligence can do the job much faster than a human. will do

He said that many people will remember one thing that before the Internet there used to be Yellow Pages which was killed by Google, at one time Yellow Pages used to be a huge business but later Google became a great resource for everyone. After people stopped using the Yellow Pages, artificial intelligence is going to do exactly the same thing with the Google search engine.

Gmail creator Paul Bouheit said that Google itself is working on its own artificial intelligence and that the company has purchased DeepMind technology for conversational and voice search from an artificial intelligence company.

He said that I am constantly thinking about this and the most interesting thing will be to see how this will all happen and how artificial intelligence closes the chapter of search engines and thinking that search engines Is there a completely new interface for location searching or something else coming up?

It should be noted that last week, Elon Musk’s company OpenAI launched ChatGPT, which follows the written instructions given by the users, it can be used to write an article. , song lyrics, stories, marketing pitches, script letters, even poetry can be written.

ChatGPT’s ability to solve complex queries makes it unique from search engines and can challenge Google’s search engine monopoly.

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