Tue. May 30th, 2023

Kashmir Committee Jeddah, Jammu and Kashmir Community Overseas Joint Delegation of OIC…

Jeddah (Daily Pakistan Online) The representative delegations of Kashmir Committee Jeddah and Jammu and Kashmir Community Overseas, under the leadership of Kashmir Committee Jeddah Chairman Masood Ahmed, met with OIC Secretary Hanral Hussain Ibrahim at the Jeddah Central Office.

According to the details, the spokesperson of Kashmir Committee Jeddah Mohammad Aamal Osmani said that the delegations of representatives of Kashmir Committee Jeddah and Jammu and Kashmir Community Overseas have met for the first time with the efforts of Pakistan’s Ambassador Rizwan Saeed Sheikh for Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

In the meeting, the Secretary General’s visit to Pakistan this month and the latest situation in Occupied Kashmir were also discussed. What is more, the joint delegation expressed hope and said that as always in the future, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation will continue to support the oppressed people of Kashmir and Palestine. Chairman Kashmir Committee Jeddah, Sardar Mohammad Iqbal Yusuf, John Gulzar, Amir Ghani Mir and Chaudhry Khurshid Matial, Sardar Waqas Inayat from Jammu and Kashmir Community Overseas are among the participants from both delegations. Allah and Raja Mohammad Riaz were included.

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