Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

YouTube, the largest online video platform, has released the most popular video of 2022, YouTuber’s channel and ads details which can be viewed here.

However, these trends are only related to America. A video from the gaming channel Technoblade, featuring his father’s last message before he died of cancer, topped the list. This video was viewed by 8.7 million people.

The second video is of the unpleasant incident at the Oscars in which Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. Apart from this, videos of gaming influencers have also become very popular. Because this year people showed an unusual interest in video games.

However, like last year, Mr. Best’s channel was at the forefront with more than 114 million subscribers. In addition, Nash LMAO, Air Rack, Ryan Trahan and Brent Rivera were among the channel’s Top Ten. However, Mr Best also expanded his business and started producing chocolates under the name Best Burger and Festival which has turned into a successful business.

This year, the top YouTubers took on and posted a series of challenges, including spending an entire day in one degree Celsius cold or living in the metaverse for 24 hours.

In addition, the tube also mentioned the most popular marketing and advertising, including Amazon, Egypt Telecom, Apple, Honda Worldwide, HBO Max and Netflix. According to YouTube, the year 2022 was very interesting to watch on the app. YouTubers and companies can formulate their strategies by looking at this trend.

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